In This Grand Life, you manage your character’s finances while helping them achieve their goals. Cruise your way through life with a silver spoon, or struggle endlessly to find employment as a convicted felon. You cannot control your past, but you can change your future. What choices will you make?

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Balance Needs

Balance short-term needs such as hunger, fun, hygiene and health with long-term goals like happiness, wealth and education.

Stylised City Maps

The game map is based on a real major city, thanks to satellite imagery from the European Space Agency!

Education System

Study courses and graduate with qualifications, required for some higher level occupations.

Careers and Employment

Prestigious career paths like Banking and Chef, plus lower level occupations like Janitor and Salesperson.


Fridges, TVs, Computers and even VR Headsets which help with your short-term needs.

Special Events

Home Robbery, Hotdog Eating Competition, Steam Sales and more.

Investment and Debt

Borrow money to achieve your goals or invest for a future where you won’t have to work. Minimum repayments and interest rates calculated realistically.

Traits and Privilege System

Begin life with advantages like rich parents, or disadvantages like alcoholism.

Tribe of Pok is a tribal survival strategy game with a focus on a simulated natural environment. Guide your tribe to prosperity by constructing the great Megaliths of the Stone Age, building, crafting, hunting and gathering. As you become more prosperous, rival tribes will take notice, not all of which will be homo sapiens!

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