This Grand Life Alpha 2.44 and City Poll

Some minor optimizations in this update. Also, to get an idea of what kind of city players want next I’ve created a poll. You can vote at the link below:

Which city would you like to see in This Grand Life?

Alpha 2.44 Changelog

  • Slight modifications to camera gliding
  • Optimized some UI things
  • Clicking on stock market asset with chart open auto-switches chart
  • Fixed price changer for non-dollar currencies not displaying correct amount
  • Fixed death spiral warnings not always appearing

Relationship Progress

Work continues on this feature. I have the first two stages (Seek and Date) prototyped and working.

For the dating portion, each week you can select to “date” them which opens up a separate window with date details like location, time taken, cost and relationship effect. These parameters vary randomly each week, and some dates are better than others. You can choose to accept the date or wait until next week to see if you can get better date parameters. If you accept, the date will be automatically processed to minimize micromanagement.

Also you will be able to gift collectibles or spend time calling to raise the relationship, but not as frequently as dating.

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This Grand Life is now live on Steam

This Grand Life is now live on Steam! If you bought from previously, you should have instructions for getting your Steam key.

To celebrate the Steam Early Access launch, I’m holding the Triple Grand Competition for a chance to win your name in the game and a caricature portrait of you (or your design). To enter, head over to this Steam thread and using 70 words or less answer this question – How would you spend a grand ($1000) to make your grandparent’s life grand?

Entries close in two weeks, and the winner will be chosen based on creativity and entertainment value.

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Education Changes and the Knowledge Life Goal

I’m making some changes to the way education works to make it a more rewarding experience. Hopefully it will feel less like you are grinding towards a distant goal that’s still years away (like in real life). Here’s a summary video:

Courses at the Town Hall (Alcoholics Anonymous, First Aid, etc) will no longer contribute towards your Knowledge goal. I thought it didn’t really make sense to have someone who attends an Alcoholics recovery program gaining Knowledge, since someone without the Alcoholic trait would have no reason to attend.

Instead, there is now a new Library location. Here you can study interesting courses such as ‘Elf Spotting 101’, ‘Identifying Llama Droppings’ and more. They aren’t useful for your career, but they are cheaper and shorter to complete than a degree or diploma while still giving you Knowledge. If you only need a small amount of Knowledge to complete your Life Goal, these are a better alternative to the more serious courses.

Previously you only received Knowledge when you completed the entire course. Now it will be gained gradually while you study. There will still be a large boost to your Knowledge when you finish the course, but it won’t be as dramatic as before.

I’ve also added an Eat From Canteen action to the University and Trade School. Now you can eat while studying at the same place. However this change would have discouraged the player from attending the Burger Joint and Restaurant. To counteract this, eating from those places now also increases your Fun. | Twitter | Website

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Branching and Merging Career Paths

Careers are a part of the game that required lots of research and balancing to get right. On one hand, there are so many different occupations/career paths in the real world that there is an almost unlimited supply to put in the game. On the other hand, we don’t want to overwhelm the player and cause analysis paralysis, where there is too much choice (and all options seem very similar).

An example of a merging career path is Finance. You can enter this career through either the Loan Officer or Credit Analyst occupation. A Loan Officer requires lots of sales experience, whereas a Credit Analyst requires a Bachelor Of Finance degree but no experience.

They merge into the Financial Advisor occupation, which only requires Banking Experience (gained from both previous occupations).

As you get further down a career path, the competition for the job increases. This means there are fewer openings and you’ll have to apply more times to get the job. Economic conditions also affect job competition, with a poor economy meaning more competition for all jobs.

Of course, the better occupation also comes with higher pay. However it also comes with more stress, and so your Fun need goes down faster. You’ll find yourself spending less hours working (but earning more) and more hours on leisure activities trying to satisfy that Fun need. | Twitter | Website

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Kickstarter and Greenlight live

We’re going all out today and launching This Grand Life’s Kickstarter and Greenlight. Remember to tell your friends who might be interested in this kind of game.

Support the Kickstarter and you can have a custom portrait of yourself in the game, a custom profile with your biography and traits, or even a whole scenario dedicated to you!

You can try the demo which includes the current tutorial. Play as Max E. Mumm, a good for nothing son who needs to get a job and stop mooching off his poor mother. Help him learn how to live away from home and invest his money:

Download Demo from IndieDB

And finally vote for the game on Greenlight so we can get on Steam | Twitter | Website

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New demo and trailer available, Kickstarter date set!

I am happy to announce that the Kickstarter and Greenlight launch date for This Grand Life has been set for 9pm 28th March UTC / 2pm 28th March PDT (in only a few days!). For this occasion there is now a trailer and a new pre-alpha demo!

Try the demo which includes the current tutorial. Play as Max E. Mumm, a good for nothing son who needs to get a job and stop mooching off his poor mother. Help him learn how to live away from home and invest his money. Get it from one of the following:

Download from IndieDB

Download From

Download from MediaFire

If you want to be notified when the Kickstarter launches, you can sign up to our mailing list | Twitter | Website

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Tribe Of Pok Beta 21


This update is quite substantial, lots of changes/additions made to make things clearer for new players. Also included is better task prioritisation, more balanced biomes and re-balanced animal combat statistics. Once again, this update is compatible with all saved games from Alpha 18 onwards.

It was quite interesting watching videos of people playing and interacting with the game in ways I never expected. One fairly common example was players assigning lots of tasks, way too many for the size of the tribe, and then wanting to cancel them. So I’ve added a button that cancels all unassigned tasks to make this easier.

20160809 TaskPanelBetter

Here’s the full list of changes in Beta 21:


  • Added height to hex query box
  • Added water table height info to world generation page
  • Added short biome description to world generation page
  • Added female dying sound
  • Added separate scavenger event if entire tribe wiped out
  • Enable camera movement even with management panel open
  • Added legend for task priorities in task panel
  • Added tooltip descriptions for animals
  • Display stockpiles full message when trying to store objects in influence area with no space
  • Made query panel actions change image when on/off for better context
  • Added “Delete All Unassigned Tasks” button to task panel



  • Rebalanced tundra biome for more water puddles
  • Increased beach biome temperatures in winter
  • Increased semi-arid biome torrential rain effect in spring
  • Rebalanced animal combat statistics
  • Crafting panel no longer displays materials in area if material is in use


Bug fixes

  • Made more scrolling buttons responsive to click
  • Fixed rainfall pattern not taking day modifier into account
  • Fixed rainfall pattern not taking decimal numbers into account
  • Set rain drop amount and global vapour increase to be the same for all biomes
  • Removed redundant tribe button in diplomacy panel
  • Fixed up Pokian Died notification formatting
  • Added “select target” title text when choosing animal to attack
  • Fixed being able to reset trap for buildings that are not traps
  • If fire building destroyed/removed, then actual fire is also removed
  • Fixed up “Need Tool” notification to be more descriptive
  • Fixed potential crash when removing lots of tasks quickly
  • Fixed tooltip showing up for map designations even when management panel open
  • Fixed being able to designate small building on top of designated oversized building
  • Improved performance when lots of tasks requiring materials assigned at the same time
  • Ignored crafting/construction tasks priority setting when not all materials are available
  • Improved labelling of task panel reasons for tasks not being done
  • Fixed game freezing sometimes due to task arrows multi-threading lockup

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