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23rd October, 2017 (Early Access)



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This Grand Life is a personal finance simulator where you create a character, manage their money and help them achieve their life goals. Cruise your way through life with a silver spoon, or struggle endlessly to find employment as a convicted felon. You cannot control your past, but you can change your future. What choices will you make?


This Grand Life was born from the remains of a failed Capitalism II-style prototype. The original prototype wasn't working out, until I remembered a game from my childhood - Jones In The Fast Lane. I hadn't experienced the feeling Jones gave me in a long time, and thought it would be a fun to do a re-imagining of the original personal finance simulator. From there it turned into a game designed to encourage players to make smart financial decisions.


  • Balancing Needs - Core game loop of balancing short-term needs such as hunger, fun, hygiene and health with long-term goals like happiness, wealth and education.
  • Stylised City Maps - The game map is based on a real major city, thanks to satellite imagery from the European Space Agency!
  • Education System - Study for degrees, diplomas and PHDs, required for some higher level occupations. Go to trade school or university.
  • Promising Careers and Dead End Jobs - Prestigious career paths like Banking and Chef, plus lower level occupations like Janitor and Salesperson.
  • Progressive Taxation System - The more you earn, the higher your tax bracket.
  • Possessions - Fridges, TVs and Computers which help with your short-term needs.
  • Collectibles - Collect stamps, coins and other rare items to achieve your long-term goals.
  • Subscription Services - Sign up for services that make life easier, like grocery delivery or cable TV.
  • Special Events - Home Robbery, Hotdog Eating Competition, Steam Sales and more.
  • Detailed Economic Simulation - Inflation, interest rates and economic growth influence your investments and job competition.
  • Investment and Debt - Borrow money to achieve your goals or invest for a future where you won't have to work. Minimum repayments and interest rates calculated realistically.
  • Real Estate - Buy properties through an auction system. Live in it yourself or rent out your properties to tenants.
  • Life Expenses - Electricity bills, rent, loan repayments and consequences for not paying them on time.
  • Traits/Privilege System - Begin life with advantages like rich parents, or disadvantages like alcoholism.
  • Freelance/Contractor Business - Hire employees, advertise your brand, complete jobs and grow your reputation.
  • Tutorial - An interactive tutorial where your mother tells you to get a job.
  • Moddability - Create your own careers, courses, locations, possessions and more. All content designed to be highly moddable.


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About Poking Water Games

Poking Water Games is a one-man operation, developing indie games for the PC that focus on deep gameplay and niche settings. The most interesting genres for the studio are strategy, simulation and management games. If you have any questions, send me an email and I'll be happy to answer them.

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This Grand Life Credits

Patrick Tang
Designer and Developer, Founder

Zdenek Sasek
Artist, Freelancer

Mark Braga
Sound, Freelancer

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